The Original Sponge

The Original Sponge

Scrub Daddy is an innovative household scrubbing tool. His exclusive FlexTexture foam changes texture based on water temperature: firm in cold water

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For over 25 years, Power Puff has proven itself to be one of the best sponge cleaners on the market! The scrubber’s patented design is tough on food

The Original Power Puff (large)

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The Original Scrub Daddy - FlexTexture Sponge, Soft in Warm Water, Firm in Cold, Deep Cleaning, Dishwasher Safe, Multi-use, Scratch Free, Odor Resistant, Functional, Ergonomic- 1ct : Health & Household

Bite sized Sponge Candy the 'taste' of Buffalo. Our creamy milk, dark or orange chocolate surrounds a tender but crisp interior, intense with flavors of caramelized sugar.

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The Original Scrub Daddy Sponge

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